Resilience at Work

The workplace can be a good source of many things: happiness, excitement, belonging and getting lots of important things done.

But on the flip side is the sheer and utter misery of it all, leaving you feeling as if you’ve been flattened by an elephant having a bad day.

Am I right?

Our Training

Expert, Simple and Highly Effective


No two people react in the same way to workplace challenges; it’s different for everyone, which is why we help you think about and understand resilience differently.

It’s about identifying the areas where you’re already resilient and looking at the kind of circumstances that either build up or break down your resilience on a day-to-day basis.

And this is exactly what our one-day resilience course does for you.

We look at behavioural patterns, emotional reactions, and your – and others expectations.

We’ve designed the training (after much delivering, adapting, and fine-tuning our course) to be easy to understand, memorable, and – most importantly – useful. Our approach is straightforward with simple techniques you can use in real time no matter what challenges you come across.


We use acronyms and resilience cards that you can carry around at all times for instant and simple use. They are animates and use images and text which is a lot more fun than heavy distracting text. 


Quality Trainers

The content is half the battle, having a great trainer to deliver is the other half. All our trainers are psychologists with a minimum of 10 years experience and who have a current practice with clients.We know that anythig less than this often results in a shoddy fragmented training expereince leaving people confused and unable to understand what resilience is or how to build it.



We use the latest and most up to date research in Neuroscience, positive psychology and the mindful brain which are all essential to developing a solid mindset that can flourish and withstand adversity.


 Course Content

The Day

What is resilience and the 4 phases


What happens to your brain and body during stress


 Introduction to the 5 C’s of resilience


 Grit and tenacity at work


Why empathy is so important and how to be more emotionally resilient


How to set difficult boundaries at work and the 7 daily routines of the most resilient people 

This course has been created from years and years of input and experience, meaning that in just one day you’ll have the benefit of discovering a lifetime of intense study on resilience.

One of the most important things I’ve learned is how to keep training simple and impactful, giving you the opportunity to remember the useful, practical tips and techniques and allowing you to go out there and use them in your real working life – in real time.

With these easy to use skills, you’ll be able to start building up your resilience straight away.