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Dr Angela Smith, Resilience Psychologist
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Hello, I’m Dr Angela Smith a Resilience Psychologist for companies and individuals.

I have two beliefs, the first is that we need adversity for transformation and, we are much stronger than we think we are.

Everything we think and do impacts every area of our lives. Even if we think we can separate what happens at home from work or vice versa, that’s simply not true. Nothing is ever in isolation.

Clients decide resilience training and coaching is a good fit when


They feel like they’re in total survival and cannot see a way through it or out of it. This can be a deblitating feeling and often we sink into numbness or total avoidance of what needs to be done in order to get out of survival mode.


They start to exhibit addictive behaviours such as binging on food and alcohol, excessive online gaming, secret substance abuse, a deviation from their self care routines and sleeping less. 


They are making poorly thought out decisions and don’t understand why. They will  be more irritable, angry and less empathetic which impacts their relationships at home and at work.


To move your thinking from survival to adaptation so that you make better and braver decisions while still being productive. 

The best part is that your relationships with your loved ones and co-workers will dramatically improve because your overall cortisol levels will have reduced, bringing your empathy back ‘online’.

What you will learn about yourself is life-changing.

Croydon Council’s feedback in early 2018, 3 months after our accredited resilience training in 2017


Have gone on to secure new job roles within Croydon Council, including Director and Head of Service level.


Have gone on to take up interim, job secondments within Croydon Council.


Have stayed with the Council.

We are delighted with these outcomes indicating the programme content has supported the organisation’s aim to retain and grow our talent in the context of complexity and uncertainty.


What our clients say


Angela is an excellent motivational speaker and will be able to offer you bespoke training to meet your specific needs.

David Palmer

Hounslow Concil

The session was very good, knowledgeable and insightful. The teachings from the session can be applied both professionally and personally.

Carmen and HR team


The course was brilliant